The definition of ameliorate is to make better. The organization’s interest is transportation.

We are on a ‘To Make Better’ quest. The Ameliorate Journey starts with learning. It goes further than an education course: it’s transportation didactics (a type of learning). The in-depth study into urban growth is through empirical (observation) corroboration (evidence). The Ameliorate Course shows how unsustainable urban growth came into being and what happened to cause it. The course then shows solutions for reaching sustainable growth.


In comparing unsustainable urban growth to the medical industry: identifying a disease is required to discover its cure. Within Western Society, there is a disease of unsustainable urban growth. To discover remedies in sustainability, transportation holds the key.


To attain sustainable urban growth, this Ameliorate Journey moves the world of transportation into its next level of advancement. Practicality is the building mechanism for sustainable urban growth. As this journey takes us to the future, discovery for a new mode of transportation replacing the car becomes mandatory. Something better than the car: more convenient, faster, less expensive, and safer.


Traveling the path of the Ameliorate Journey, the trail leads to researching advanced options in theoretical science; an awakening for transportation’s future. It moves the world of transportation into its next level of advancement. Research takes us to the Gravity Research Center.

Now is the unique opportunity to participate. This is your invitation to be part of the journey. Let your voice be heard.

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  1. Hi, this site is more about Sustainable Urban Growth and how transportation impacts sustainability. In the near future, there will be a link for the soon to be published book: Rising From Unsustainable, Replacing Rockets and Automobiles.
    Since the automobile is totally unsustainable, basing an entire culture upon the car is problematic. To realistically consider replacing the car, it requires a better form of transportation. Something quicker, less expensive, more convenient, and safer. The Ameliorate journey, is our “to make things better” trip. It’s the journey of finding better and more efficient transportation alternatives.

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